Garage Rack Storage Website Review & Ratings + Garage Rack Storage Coupons
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Garage Rack Storage Website Review & Ratings + Garage Rack Storage Coupons

Garage Rack Storage: Products & Services

Garage Rack Storage sells garage shelves made from steel. These racks are usually used to store and share a variety of sports equipment and gardening, which are not only strong, but also considered the aesthetic view. The racks are intended for consumers who want to store their goods in order for them to look neat and concise. 

Garage Rack Storage: Company Background

According to the terms of use section on the website, Gorgeous Garage LLC’s website is operated and provided in the State of Idaho. No information is found available on the website on anywhere else on the internet about its founders, or how long the company has been in business. Their current contact information is only a telephone number: 208-356-8820 and an email address: No mailing address could be found.

Garage Rack Storage: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Consumers in general, give praise to the Garage Storage Rack. In accordance with the data obtained at, the customers are satisfied with the bike rack products because they are quite helpful in tidying the garage. A total of 15 consumers gave three-five stars to one of its variants. Some reviews also gave high ratings and comments on the product.

Garage Rack Storage: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Garage Storage Rack is accredited by the Better Bussiness Bureau, and has a very high rating of A+. The rating is given because of the company that manufactures Garage RackStorage, namely Gorgeous Garage LLC, assessed by maintaining consumer confidence. This was done by providing a quick response to all complaints from consumers. However there are no prizes and certificates related to Garage Storage Rack. Likewise, publications by the mainstream media were also not found. The well know site called Amazon has many media reviews that praise the product.

Garage Rack Storage: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa shows that Garage Rack Storage's global rank is 8,340,162, with 12 sites that are linked in to it. The estimated percentage of the site’s visitors is 0.000008% within the last 3 months. Meanwhile Google PageRank is currently 1 out of 10 possible points, with less than 100 monthly visitors. This is a very poor traffic rank for a company like this and it is something that needs attention in order to increase online traffic flow to the business.

Garage Rack Storage: Social Media Presence

Garage Rack Storage doesn’t maintain customers’ blog at this time, but they have a fan page on Facebook which is liked by 250 people.  Their followers on Twitter page has reached 121 people, and these two social medias are the the only two that are making feedbacks for the company . They also have 66 videos on You Tube which has been viewed by 37,269 people having 60 subscribers.

Garage Rack Storage: Website Security & Safety

Garage Storage Rack has said it will maintain the privacy of the visitors, and is committed to protecting the personal data when payment is made online.  This site is applied to safe browsing mode in order to protect their consumers. Google diagnostic page also stated that the site does not do suspicious activities, including those that endanger other sites in the past 90 days.

Garage Rack Storage: Pricing & Packages

Garage Storage Rack provides various kinds of shelves for storage variants with prices ranging from $60 to $99 dollars. No comment stating the comparison between the prices of the company's products to other companies. But so far, consumers said they were quite satisfied with the product. Thse prices are normal like every other company providing the same business.

Garage Rack Storage: Shipping Rates & Policies

Garage Storage Rack provides delivery services, and it only takes 1 business day for items ordered before 3 pm EST. The estimated maximum delivery time is 5 business days from the day the order was made. They do not use shipment services such as USPS and FedEx, because they still don’t maintain orders from outside US. Also, no international shipping is mentioned on the site.

Garage Rack Storage: Payment Methods Accepted

This website seems to just be a sort of products catalogue for the consumer, which contains guides to purchase the products. The payment methods are not currently displayed on the website for customers to see. It seems it is case where they will have to wait until check-out to see what methods are currently accepted.

Garage Rack Storage: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Garage Storage Rack does not provide a warranty on their products, but they will replace products that have been purchased and damaged before 2 years of usage. They also did not ask for a restocking fee to consumers who filed a claim against property damage. However, the conditions that must be met is the stuff is in intact condition when returned, including packaging.

Garage Rack Storage: Product images & screenshots
Garage Rack Storage Coupons
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